2016 NPC Max Muscle VA Classic Show (April)

New! Classic Physique, Armed Forces & First Responder Classes

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“I can’t thank you enough for putting on an amazing show! You were so helpful every step of the way and I appreciate all of the work that it takes. I do some event planning for work sometimes and it always goes under appreciated or people just don’t understand how hard it is to make everything come together!” 2014 Competitor

Humongous thank you for a fantastic show yesterday. But a priceless thank you for the meditation stage prep fob you handed out at Shawn’s Cuties seminar in January. I honestly listened to that frequently and it really truly settled in me and made a huge impact. Thank you so much for what may have seemed like a small add to Shawn’s group but was really a major impact for me. Thank you for offering to make a difference!!


2016 Competitor

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