Regsitered Competitor List - November 2017

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National Qualifier

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Exactly one year ago today I was in UVA hospital with a fully ruptured patellar tendon. Both of you putting on this show allowed me to make my comeback and take my Open Super Heavyweight Class. Thank you again! And continue providing opportunities for others!!!


National Qualifier

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I’m a fairly newer competitor and started competing at 43 years old. I been involved in the fitness lifestyle since I was young and finally decided to step on stage.My first show a few years ago was the Max Muscle show in Woodbridge. The promoters and backstage help make a nervous new competitor feel right at home. The show ran very smoothly, and everyone feels like family. I’ve done the Max Muscle several times since and absolutely love the show.

~John P.

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Competitor Spotlight: Colleen Forton #Bikini

Welcome to NPC Bikini Competitor, Colleen Forton! Where do you train? Retro Fitness Weight On Season: 105 Weight Off Season: 115-122 Division(s) You Compete In: Bikini What got you started in health & fitness? I played a handful of sports in high school, more for...

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Competitor Spotlight: Walter Hardeman #Bodybuilding

Welcome to this week's Competitor Spotlight with Bodybuilder, Walter Hardeman! Where do you train? Xsport and Gold's Gym Weight On Season: 210 Weight Off Season: 240 Division(s) You Compete In: Open Bodybuilding & Master's Bodybuilding What got you started in...

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Competitor Spotlight: Katie Meloche #Bikini

Katie Meloche took 1st place in Bikini Open, 1st in Bikini Novice A, and 1st in Bikini True Novice A at the 2017 NPC Max Muscle VA Classic. And, it was her first time ever on a Bodybuilding stage! Where do you train?: Gold's Gym Clocktower Weight On Season: 118 on...

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Competitor Spotlight: Kevin Kelly #ClassicPhysique

Welcome to this week's Competitor Spotlight, Classic Physique Competitor, Kevin Kelly! Where do you train? Barbers gym MCB Quantico Weight On Season 215 Weight Off Season 230 Division(s) You Compete In: Classic Physique (Open, 40+, First Responder, Armed Forces) What...

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Competitor Spotlight: Becky Short #WomensPhysique

This week's Competitor Spotlight is on Becky Short, an NPC Women's Physique competitor. Where do you train? LA Fitness Manassas Weight On Season: 128-135 Weight Off Season: 145-150 Division(s) You Compete In: Women's Physique What got you started in health &...

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Competitor Spotlight: Kim Peele #Figure

Competitor Spotlight time again! Welcome to Kim Peele an NPC Figure Competitor. Where do you train? Gold's Gym Weight On Season: 116-120 Weight Off Season: 137 Association(s): NPC What got you started in health and fitness? Been active all my life and played soccer...

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